Indoor outdoor flow – get the most out of your outdoor area

Summer is finally on its way. That’s why we have decided to share some ideas to create better indoor outdoor flow in your home. Additionally the government has recently relaxed the rules around building consents for porches and awning. This means that now is the best time to put your indoor outdoor flow ideas into action.

They key to indoor outdoor flow is creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior areas of your house. In this post we will share some of the best and most effective ways to do this. Using patios, decks, porches etc. you can create stunning outdoor areas which essentially become an extra room of your home.

Using decks for indoor outdoor flow

Having a deck built at your home is often the most popular way to create indoor outdoor flow in your home. This is largely due to the fact that the construction of a deck doesn’t have to be overly expensive. In most instances, a bottom storey deck is a simple job. Therefore, they are often relatively quick to complete. Also, building a deck in your home is a great way to significantly add to the resale value of your home. However, a deck by its self doesn’t necessarily create indoor outdoor flow.

As we mentioned earlier, the goal is to create that transition between the inside and the outside of your home. Possibly the best way to do this is with a big set of glass doors. There are many styles of doors that can pull this off, but it’s always best to stick with the style of your home. For example, a nice big set of sliding doors may look stunning in a modern home, but maybe not so much in a 1940’s villa. Our advice is to do some research on what you think will suit your home the best. It could be worth checking out photos online of houses that have a similar style to yours and seeing how they achieved indoor outdoor flow.

There is one more thing to look out for when choosing a set of doors for your deck or outdoor area. That is how much space the doors will take up when they are open. For example a big set of French doors may look stunning when they are closed, but if you don’t have the room to peg them back all the way to the exterior wall, you may be better off looking at bi-fold doors or even sliding doors.


Patios are a paved outdoor area usually located to the back of the house. A patio will often feel very open, more so than say a deck or a porch, especially if it flows into the surrounding garden or lawn. When done right, they can be an excellent way to create indoor outdoor flow in your home.

The great thing about having a patio, is that they can be created to suit all styles of home and all budgets. Modern homes look great with polished concrete and older homes can get a great look with large paving stones.

There is one thing in common that most great patios will have. That is an outdoor fireplace or a wood burner. They go hand in hand with patios and help you to enjoy them on cooler nights. In our opinion there is no better place in a home to put an outdoor fireplace than a patio.

Porches to create seamless indoor outdoor flow

A porch is a covered shelter connected to an entrance of a house. They are often located at the front of the property and usually have open sides. Because a porch is technically outside but has a roof, it can act like a hallway to your patio or deck. Therefore, they are perfect to create that seamless transition from inside to outside. Big doors on the porch leading to your outdoor area are a great way to do this.

Pergolas and louvres

Having a roof over an outdoor area, particularly a roof that can be opened and closed, creates indoor outdoor flow. A roofed outdoor area creates that additional room feeling which makes for a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors.

Both pergolas and louvres are slatted roofs or covers for an outdoor area that can often be opened and closed. The reason they are so great is that the enable your outdoor area to be utilised all year round. Having a pergola or a louvre over your outdoor area not only means you can enjoy it rain hail or shine, they also give a stunning look to the whole area.

Whatever kind of outdoor area you need this summer, now is the time to build it. For a quote to create a stunning outdoor area with indoor outdoor flow, get in touch with us today.

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