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The 14 best NZ renovation blogs to get you inspired for your next project

Need renovation ideas or inspiration for your next project? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite (mostly) NZ renovation blogs and websites to help you get those creative juices flowing. This list is focused on all things renovation. It features sites that inspire interior design, innovative building ideas, DIY, in-door out-door flow and landscape design.…
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Increase the re-sale value of your home in Auckland

How much do renovations cost in Auckland? If you are thinking about renovating your home, one of the first questions you are probably going to ask is “how much does a renovation cost in Auckland?” Unfortunately, no matter how hard you search google, you won’t find the real answer. There are hundreds of sites that…
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Why you need a Licensed Building Practitioner

You've all probably heard of a Licensed Building Practitioner, or LBP for short, before. But what exactly is this? In this article we will cover what a Licensed Building Practitioner is, why you need one and how to check that they are in fact, an LBP. What is a Licensed Building Practitioner? The definition used…
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