Increase the re-sale value of your home in Auckland

How much do renovations cost in Auckland?

If you are thinking about renovating your home, one of the first questions you are probably going to ask is “how much does a renovation cost in Auckland?” Unfortunately, no matter how hard you search google, you won’t find the real answer. There are hundreds of sites that have tried to answer this question. However, no two renovations are the same. In this post we won’t tell you how much renovations cost in Auckland. What we can provide you however, is a little more clarity on where costs lie, some tips to increase the re-sale value of your home, identify areas where you can save some money and what some more appropriate questions are that you should be asking instead.

Why should I renovate?

There are many reasons why someone may renovate, but the most common reason is to increase the re-sale value of your home.

If you are wanting to increase the re-sale value of your home, you don’t necessarily need to renovate your entire house. For example, a kitchen and bathroom renovation, if done right, can increase your property value more than say a bedroom renovation. It’s also a great way to get potential buyers through the door in the first place and it’s a great selling point. However, you need to keep in mind that kitchens and bathrooms are generally more expensive to renovate than other rooms. Our advice would be to keep it simple and cost effective. In other words, don’t go buying marble bench-tops and expensive cabinetry if you are wanting to see a return on your investment.

How much will renovating my home increase my re-sale value?

This question is along the same lines as “how much do renovations cost?”. There are many factors which could affect this such as the property market at the time you want to sell, how many potential buyers you get through the door and how much your renovations appeal to the potential buyers.

However, there is a ballpark figure you can aim for. Experts commonly agree that a good return on your investment, is double the amount of the renovation cost. But remember, keep it simple. Do lots of research and look for good deals on things like bench-tops, kitchen cabinetry and bathroom fittings

How much should I spend on a bathroom or kitchen renovation?

Before asking this question, first you need to work out exactly what you want to change in your bathroom or kitchen. For example, a basic re-line with new like-for-like fittings is going to be a lot cheaper than an extension and a new configuration. Take in to account the cost of plumbing. If you need to move any pipes you could very quickly find yourself spending more than you planned, which in turn means that you may not see such a good return on your investment.

How much does a bedroom renovation cost?

A bedroom renovation is a little easier to estimate a price for. Unless you are wanting something like a walk-in wardrobe, the process has a lot less ifs and buts than say, a kitchen. Normally a basic bedroom renovation will consist of removing the old linings, installing insulation (if it’s not already insulated), new power points and/or lights, new linings, then plaster and paint.

Other ways to increase the re-sale value of your home

Having a deck, porch or patio built can be an in-expensive way to add indoor outdoor flow to your home. Furthermore, it is a great way to attract potential buyers because they will be able to imagine themselves using the outdoor area.

We recommend, when planning your renovation, to factor in building a deck whenever possible because the potential massively outweighs the risk. According to Westpac, building a deck can add up to 30% value to your home, but this obviously depends on the size of your deck and the materials you use.

In addition, the NZ government has relaxed its rules on council consents for ground floor awnings, porches and patios. Now you can build up to 30 square metres without needing a council consent. However, the building work does need to be carried out or overseen by a licensed building practitioner.

How can I save money on a renovation?

Although we strongly believe that in the building industry, you get what you pay for, there are some ways you can save yourself some money on your renovation.

Most established builders will have access to exclusive discounts on things like fittings. For example, at RHM Construction, we can offer our clients a 10% discount on bathroom fittings from Franklins.

With things like kitchen cabinetry and benchtops, have a clear conversation with your builder about what you want and how much you want to spend. They will normally include their price in their quote. In addition to this, do your own shopping around and see if you can source any better deals.

What other costs do I need to consider when renovating my house?

When planning your renovation, have discussions with your builder about anything that may need council consent. Together, try to find ways around this while still acting in accordance with the law and building code. The government has recently tossed out the need for building consents in certain situations, which could in turn save you time and money.

Make sure your builder tells you about your worst-case scenario and offers you an estimate for any extra work that may be needed. Un-foreseen issues such as warped or crooked studs and framing can usually only be discovered after the building work has commenced. It is important to address this, especially in rooms like kitchens and bathroom, because all your fixtures and cabinetry are made to line up square and straight. At RHM Construction, we always make sure our clients are fully aware of any potential extra costs before we start the job.

To conclude

To sum up, before you ask how much a renovation will cost, do some more planning. Firstly, work out exactly what you want and weigh up whether it will truly increase the market value of your home or not. Only once you have done this, are you ready to ask how much your renovation is going to cost. Finally, get in touch with your local builder. It’s best to get a few different quotes, but don’t automatically jump at the cheapest one. Remember, you get what you pay for. Choose a builder who is thorough and clear with their pricing and most of all choose someone you can trust.

RHM Construction can provide all your renovation needs. If you would like to book a no obligations consultation, get in touch with us today. You can call Rob on 0275190342 or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch.

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