Property Inspections Auckland

Pre-purchase property inspections are an affordable way to give you peace of mind when buying a new home. We offer a same day guarantee on all our building inspections. If not, your builder's report is half price.


Verbal property inspection report for houses up to 3 bedrooms: $150+GST
Comprehensive written property inspection report for houses up to 3 bedrooms: $275+GST

*If houses are more than 3 bedrooms, an extra $25 dollars per bedroom will be charged.

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Why get a property inspection or builder's report?

Imagine saving all that money for a deposit on a house, moving in and then, realising you need to spend thousands of dollars fixing the place up. However, a pre-purchase property inspection gives you peace of mind when purchasing your new home. For example, buying a house without getting a building inspection from a qualified builder is like buying a car without test driving it first. In short, it’s a complete gamble.
pre-purchase property inspection

What do your property inspections cover?

Structural and crawl space inspections

Firstly, one of our qualified builders will visually assess the property for any structural defects or potential issues in the attic or underfloor areas including:

  • Visual signs of borer or rot
  • Poor structural workmanship
  • Sub floor framing and piles
  • Roof framing
  • Check for insulation
  • Ground moisture

Interior property inspections

Secondly, our property inspections include an assessment of the interior of the house. During this part of the inspection, we go through every room checking for the following:

  • Condition of the walls and ceilings
  • Floors/carpet
  • Light fittings/powerpoints
  • Signs of mould
  • Visual signs of leaks
  • Visual signs of maintenance required
  • Windows/doors

Exterior property inspections

Finally, we inspect the visual exterior conditions. These exterior checks include:

  • Walls, cladding and window frames
  • Lawns/landscape
  • Condition of roof/gutters
  • Balcony/veranda/deck (If applicable)
  • Visual signs of maintenance required
  • Windows/doors

General Property Inspections

Additionally, our building inspections cover the general living conditions of the house. This includes:

  • Ventilation
  • Water pressure
  • Visible asbestos
  • Insulation/double glazing
  • Heating sources

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Terms and conditions

  • We only offer property inspections and builder's reports for residential properties.
  • All property inspections and builder's reports will be carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner.
  • Same day guarantee – we will provide your written or verbal builder's report on the same day as our property inspection or it’s half price.
  • Our inspections are the professional opinion of a qualified builder, however, we accept no liability for unforeseen problems or maintenance required.
  • Attic and underfloor checks only included when there is suitable access and space.
  • Second storey (or higher) roofs may not be able to be checked.
  • Inspections are non-bank approved.