Home Renovation, Ranui

This renovation in Ranui, West Auckland, saw a completely refashioned interior. Before hand the house felt small, cold and, for lack of a better word, boxy. Now when you walk inside, it feels spacious, modern and cozy.

The bedrooms

We started by completely stripping the linings and straightening the framing where necessary. Our clients wanted a non load bearing wall knocked down and a new wall built to create an extra bedroom. So we built the new frame in its new position which created a much more open space throughout the rest of the house. The three bedrooms got full insulation, brand new Gib plasterboard, plaster, paint and new electrical fittings.

The kitchen

Meanwhile, in the kitchen/dining area, this Ranui renovation needed a brand new kitchen to replace the small outdated one that was currently there. Firstly, we came up with a new design which not only made the kitchen bigger, it allowed for more space in the dining and lounge areas. Secondly, we sourced very reasonably priced cabinetry and an absolute bargain of a bench-top. After that we called in our reliable plumbers to do what they do. Finally, once all the framing was straight and the plasterboard was up, we put the new kitchen together.

The bathroom renovation in Ranui

The next area to tackle was the bathroom renovation. Much like the kitchen, it was extremely outdated and it did a very poor job of utilising space. After removing the toilet, shower and vinyl floors and linings we got to work. First, we installed full insulation. Then we had our electrician do the pre-wire which included new power points and down lights. After that, we relined the walls with GIB Aqualine® Wet Area Systems then plastered. Next came the new modern style shower, toilet and stunning new vanity with a huge atching mirror. Next the new electrical fittings were installed. To beautifully round it off, we installed the new beautiful tiled floor. The last step was paint. As a result, the bathroom now looks 1000 times better.

The Heart Rimu floors

Once the house was all re-painted, it was time for the finishing touch. We got to work restoring the beautiful Heart Rimu floors. Firstly, we made any necessary repairs. After that we sanded them back until they looked brand new again. In addition to that we applied linseed oil
which really brought out the beauty of the hardwood floors.

To sum up, we completely transformed this home into a modern and spacious place to live. This renovation in Ranui was a joy to work on. We loved watching the transformation of this home.

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