Porch Build, Taupaki

Specialist deck and porch builders West Auckland

RHM Construction are specialist deck and porch builders in West Auckland. We know that a small deck and porch with French doors is a great way to create indoor-outdoor flow. Certainly, this was the case for this deck and porch build in Taupaki, West Auckland.

Deck and porch build in Taupaki, West Auckland

Our client, a Taupaki resident, already had a beautiful home on a large section. However, one thing that was missing was a little bit of indoor-outdoor flow. She wanted to create a more seamless transition from the house to the swimming pool. She contracted RHM Construction to be her porch builders and to create her new deck and porch.

We built a deck that was small and simple. It was built with 150x25 vitex decking and has two steps on one side and one step on the other due to the incline under the deck. This is one of the cases where ‘less is more’ really showed its meaning. In short, the end product looked great.

Our clients wanted us to build the porch to match the style of the house. Therefore, we opted for weatherboard cladding to match the rest of the exterior. Additionally, our clients chose a gable roof finished with iron to match the existing roof.

French doors

When the last screws had been put in the roof and the last nails had been punched into the cladding, finally, it was time for the finishing touch. A beautiful huge set of timber French doors. These French doors were the cherry on the cake. Subsequently, they transformed the whole feel of the porch that had been standing there without them.

After our porch builders had finished with the final touches on the deck and porch it was time for paint. Our client opted to do this themselves as they already had a bit of experience with house painting.

Finally, when it the painting had been finished, we came back for a look at the finished deck and porch. It looked amazing. We were happy with the way we were able to build it to go with the rest of the house. Additionally, our client was even happier than us with the final product.

If you’re looking for deck or porch builders in West Auckland, get in touch with us today, so we can chat about how we can create your dream porch or deck.

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